Sustainable, original, handcrafted.

Thenga is a homegrown brand from Kerala that repurposes coconut waste into lasting, sustainable and handmade home products.

Founded in the year 2019 by Maria Kuriakose, Thenga today is an established brand retailing all over India. A native of Kerala, Maria was always convinced that coconuts are more than just coconut oil and water.

She naturally started looking at the byproducts of coconut processing units and that’s how it all began.

From making her first coconut shell bowl to exporting abroad, Maria and Thenga have come a long way.


Thenga is for the conscious customer. Each piece speaks of the hands that made it. Cut and polished to reveal the grainy detail in the shell, Thenga products are completely natural, safe and sustainable.

Coconut shells are tough and inherently hardy, so they last for decades and make perfect substitutes for plastic products.

Thenga is all about reusing and repurposing what is traditionally considered “waste.” The team strives to make sure that nothing is left unused at their unit.

Thenga products don’t come with the guilt that is innate in mass produced products. By making products close to nature, Thenga hopes to make better choices available to customers.

The Thenga Model

Known as the tree of life as every part of it used to sustain life, the coconut palm is integral to the idea of kerala. Coconut shells, however, are commonly seen as a useless by product and are generally tossed. Here at Thenga, discard coconut shells get a new lease of life. painstakingly handcrafted into practical aesthetic products, Thenga literally turns trash into treasure.

  • Coconuts are harvested from coconut palms.

  • Meat, water, husk etc. are extracted for various purposes.

  • discarded shells end up in landfills.

  • These shells are rescued and processed at Thenga.

  • Handmade into partical everyday products while providing employment to rural women.


Handmade and crafted to perfection, Thenga is a labour intensive brand. A women-led venture, Thenga generates permanent employment for many women in the rural district of Palakkad in Kerala. Thenga today employs over 16 individuals permanently while giving steady income to numerous others involved in making coconut shell crafts.

By reusing coconut waste, Thenga currently saves shell leftovers from multiple coconut processing units in Kerala. This waste would have either ended up in landfills or burnt as rudimentary household fuel.

Since its inception in 2019, Thenga has saved over 53,000 coconut shells from being dumped as waste. Transformed into finely crafted bowls and cups, they are being used all over India and abroad today.

Each time you buy a Thenga product, you #saveashell.

Our Team


Maria Kuriakose

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Kuriakose oversees operations and takes up initiatives and strategies that would help Thenga grow to new heights. She handles all marketing initiatives, including social media, to communicate Thenga’s story and the women behind the business.


Preetha krishna

Chief Operating Officer

Preetha Krishna serves as the Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wide spectrum of experience ranging from FMCG to Logistics, Hospitality to Social service, adding value to the overall operations of the business.


Sumitha K. Kuruvila

Operations Manager

Sumitha K. Kuruvila is the Operations Manager responsible for the day-to-day operations of Thenga, from client interactions to bringing our products to online marketplaces. She ensures that all orders are dispatched to respective customers.


Karthika CP

Accounts Manager

Karthika CP is the Accounts Manager, with over 3 years of experience in accounting firms and the FMCG industry, bringing meticulous financial management into the company.


Swathy Nair

Customer Relation Manager

Swathy Nair, the Customer Relation Manager, plays a crucial role in following up with Thenga customers and maintaining a healthy relationship with them while seeking opportunities for sales and connecting with new people.


Deepa Prasad

Packing  Expert

Deepa Prasad, our Packing Expert, infuses energy and enthusiasm into her role, ensuring that every package is handled with care and precision.


Nirmala v m

Packing Expert

Nirmala VM, another Packing Expert, manages everything related to retail orders, from choosing the right shells to ensuring proper packing when they reach our customers.


Sushma S

Quality Control

Sushma S is responsible for Quality Control, ensuring that every Thenga product meets set standards and gives delight to our customers.


Sudha M

Accounts  Assistant

Sudha M, the Accounts Assistant, armed with 15 years of experience in the government sector, efficiently contributes to financial operations and precise data entry.


Reshma Sivadas

Logistics Executive

Reshma Sivadas, the Logistics Executive, ensures accurate outgoing shipments with relevant documents, tracks shipments, and ensures delivery. With her humble beginnings and passion for imparting knowledge, she has been with the organization for {} years.