Health Benefits of Drinking from Coconut Shell Cups

Health Benefits of Drinking from Coconut Shell Cups

on Jul 09, 2024

How drinking from coconut shell cups offer numerous benefits for overall health and wellness!

Coconut shells are a great answer to the sustainability question. They are inherently tough, lightweight and sturdy and make a great alternative to plastic. They are also completely natural and biodegradable and can be easily disposed of by mixing it in soil. 

Its rising popularity has been a result of the growing rise in a customer base that is more conscious of their purchases and the effect it has on the earth. This conscious customer is also mindful of their health and overall wellbeing. So what does the coconut shell offer in terms of physical health? 

It is common knowledge that eating food served in natural materials like banana leaves offer a great deal of health benefits. Eating from coconut shells also comes with its set of advantages for the body.

Good for the gut

Coconut shells are naturally filled with nutrients and minerals that are highly beneficial for the gut. The natural fibre content and vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K present are perfect to alleviate common gut issues like constipation.   Coconut shells also contain trace amounts of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. While the contribution might be minimal, the natural material can subtly enhance the nutritional profile of your drink.  Switch to coconut cups for your morning cup of hot coffee for a healthy start to the day.

Chemical-free hydration

Plastic cutlery and utensils have become ubiquitous in our lives. They are convenient and easily accessible. But they have been proven to be detrimental to our health. Plastic for starters isn’t completely stable. When exposed to heat, polyethylene and polypropylene - both forms of plastic - can leach unknown chemicals into our food and drink. Oily foods also attract some plastic chemicals.

Plastics like BPA, PVC and polystyrene also contain carcinogenic chemicals linked to hormone disorders, immune problems and cancer. 

It is high time we cut the dependence on plastic and switch to healthier materials like glass, stainless steel and our favourite - the coconut shell.  Coconut shell cups (put link directs to coconut shell cup page), being entirely natural, are free from synthetic compounds. Drinking from a coconut shell cup ensures that your hydration is pure and uncontaminated, safeguarding your health from potential chemical exposure.

Controlled portion sizes

Coconut shells are great at reducing portion sizes due to their natural size. If one can resist the temptation to refill, coconut bowls and cups are great at minimising food intake through controlled portions. 

Elevating the gastronomic experience 

Coconut shells infuse a subtle earthy aroma to the food they come in contact with. This fine layer of flavour adds to the gourmet experience.  

May help reduce cholesterol levels

While cooking in coconut products, the natural fibre present in the shell gets added into the food. While this is a negligible amount it still adds benefits to the body. Continued cooking in coconut shells can help reduce weight and manage your cholesterol levels to an extent.

Good for the earth

Coconut shells cups are completely natural and Thenga coconut products are minimally processed using only natural coconut oil to buff and polish.  These products are hence easily disposed of by mixing it with soil. The shell will naturally break down in soil and compost adding to the richness of your soil. In fact, a coconut really goes the full cycle when it is returned back to mother earth. It is a thank you gesture for the many natural gifts we are bestowed with. 

Thenga coconut cups are made from natural coconut shells and minimally processed ensuring a pure experience. They are easy to clean and hance ideal for daily use.

Exuding a rustic look, they are perfect to serve beverages, ice creams and desserts. As coconut shells are completely natural, do make sure to avoid using them in microwaves and dishwashers. 

Coconut shell cups (put link directs to coconut shell cup page) are trendy today, but it is a trend that needs to stay - for our health and for our environment. Coconut shell cups offer more than a drink - it is an invitation to a more mindful and sustainable way of living. 

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