Sustainable Solutions: The Beauty of Coconut Shell Kitchen Products

Sustainable Solutions: The Beauty of Coconut Shell Kitchen Products

on Jul 10, 2024

Filling your kitchen with natural eco-friendly kitchen products can have lasting benefits for you and your loved ones 

We all have the ubiquitous plastic containers, plastic spoons and spatulas lying around in our kitchen- sometimes old, scratched and flaking. If you’ve been meaning to replace them but have been struggling with finding eco-friendly alternatives, we’ve got you.  Enter coconut shell kitchen products - all natural, lightweight, sturdy and long lasting. They are minimally processed, polished by hand and buffed using pure coconut oil. 

Coconut shell products are a sustainable choice as they make use of what would otherwise be agricultural waste. By repurposing coconut shells, these products help reduce waste and promote the efficient use of natural resources Unlike plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, coconut shell items break down naturally, returning to the earth without leaving harmful residues.

Exuding a rustic appeal, these products are also completely free of chemicals meaning they won't leach any harmful substances into your food.  Let’s take a look at our top eco-friendly kitchen product recommendations for a fit and fuller life.

Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls are the most loved and popular coconut shell product out there. They have become a staple to serve healthy smoothies, breakfast cereals and soups. Super versatile, they are also perfect to serve rice dishes like fried rice and stir frys.  Thenga coconut shell bowls come in 3 sizes - 900 ml jumbo bowls and the smaller 500 ml and 150 ml bowls. Each bowl is distinct in shape and texture and is a testament to the uniqueness of nature’s gifts.

The jumbo bowl is perfect for full meals and breakfast smoothies, the 500 ml bowl is apt for soups and custards while the smallest 150 ml bowl is great for serving desserts, snacks and chutneys. 

Coconut Shell Cups and Teacups

Coconut shell cups are a beautiful alternative to your everyday cups. They are stylish and minimal, adding a touch of personality to your table. Durable and beautiful, they are perfect for everyday use.

Coconut Shell Cutlery

Forks, spoons and knives are beautifully rendered in coconut shell and wood making a wonderful statement in your kitchen. These are also perfect to carry around in your wallet or purse so you can say no to disposable plastic cutlery when travelling.  The smooth finish, natural texture and look make them a charming addition to table settings and picnic baskets alike. 

Coconut Shell Cooking Spoons 

Coconut shell is perfect for cooking as it infuses the food with fibre, natural vitamins and minerals. Coconut shell products also lend a mild earthy aroma to the food that helps elevate the culinary experience.  Thenga offers cooking spoons like ladles, slotted spoons and spatulas crafted from coconut shell and wood. Thenga ladles are ideal for serving soups, stews, and curries while the slotted spoon is perfect for taking out cooked pasta, rice etc. Thenga coconut wood spatulas are versatile and are perfect to flip dosas and pancakes and even stir soups and curries. 

Coconut Shell Masala Spoons

Still using plastic spoons in your masala jars? Thenga’s lightweight and sturdy little masala spoons are perfect replacements. They are small enough to fit in even the tiniest of jars and scoop out the perfect amount of spices and masala. They also bring a clean and uniform look to your pantry.

Coconut Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers

Thenga’s coconut shell salt and pepper shakers are a simple and minimal addition to your table. Engraved with elegant typography, these are perfect to sprinkle just the right amount of condiment to your plate.  The durable construction ensures they can withstand regular use, while the natural material prevents any chemical leaching into your spices. 

Choosing coconut shell products means investing in health and wellness for you and for the world. Let change start in your kitchens by opting for safer, natural materials that don't harm the earth.

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